Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Surreal Enchantment

My most coveted paintings are that of the Ukrainian artist Vachagan Narazyan.
His art is hauntingly beautiful, poetic and magical. Infused with mystery, the work teases the mind with it's provocative symbolic undertones. I fell in love with Narazyan's art years ago, when I first saw a small painting of his in a Brooklyn gallery, selling for $800. At that time it was an astronomical sum for me. How I'm kicking myself now for not maxing out my credit card and purchasing that painting!
At this point prices for his original art range between $6,000 and $13,000, sigh...

This whimsical and surreal painting Casanova" is very similar to the one I could have purchased for $800!

Vachagan Narazyan’s epic and intimate paintings are arguably amongst the most important works to surface and still develop from the repression of the former Soviet Union. With a style that blends old-world images with futuristic visions, the artist creates a world of mystery and enchantment for the viewer to explore.

Upon viewing the painting, many times one feels as if one has entered a room and interrupted the amusement of other-worldly sprites.

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