Sunday, March 9, 2008

Little Friends

Whimsy abundant: Dolls and illustrations from St. Petersburg artist, Ligreego.

Portrait of the artist.


Anonymous said...

You are darling! Really, you seem like such an interesting person. I found this blog off of your your breakfast at anthropologie one. I'm intrigued by your photography, your varied tastes, and your unique quality of life...I'm not trying to be creepy. I just think it's neat to share ideas and to pair visual things. Here is a sample of some of my photography. photos/millermollye I live in brooklyn. If you want you can write me here miller.mollye@gmail or on my flickr page, or neither. Nice to read and see your pages, mollye.

Sophie said...

Hi MM,

Yours is the nicest comment I ever got! Creepy or not it made me feel so good! Thanks!
As for my quality of life, it's actually pretty boring unless you count the excitement of chasing two kids around the house.
I do have way too many interest, most of which I have no time to pursue.
Maybe one day...

Thanks for visiting my blog,