Monday, August 25, 2008

Farmer's Market

Why is it that Farmer's Market veggies and fruits are always more appealing than store-bought produce? I love walking between the stands at a Farmers Market where veggies are displayed in baskets and burlap sacks and are so vibrant and tasty looking. Did I mention fresh?
Somehow the dormant cook in me always emerges when I touch and smell the produce at the farmers market and I start coming up with all kinds of healthful and elaborate menus these veggies can contribute to. I fantasize about one day having my own little vegetable patch in my back yard of a house I don't yet own. I can see my kids walking around with big watering cans, feeling important and delighted at being given a part in the food growing process. Aaah fantasies. For now I'll content myself with the colors, smells and tastes of the Farmer's Market.

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