Friday, September 19, 2008

Looking Back on Summer

This morning I woke up feeling chilled and with a stiff neck. I looked at the window and there was no sun shining through the curtains. As I tried to claim a little more of the blanket from husband, I heard my son sneezing in the next room. Suddenly the depressing realization sank in. It's not summer anymore! I mean I knew it wasn't but I think due to mostly pleasant weather up to now I tried to be in denial of the fact. I know cold weather will come, it comes every year. And every year I bitch about it and lament the passing of summer. Beautiful, colorful, bright, warm summer. Some people complain about the heat. Not me. I will take heat over cold any day. Of course if I had a choice it would be 75 F all year round, but Summer, I will take you any way you are!
I love summer for so many reasons. Summer means freedom, fun, adventure and best of all - Water! Water always makes me happy. Looking at it, listening to it, swimming in it. Just show me some blue water and you're guaranteed to see a great big blissful smile on my face.

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