Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Enjoy them while they're little

Every morning when my five year old son gets on the school bus, he quickly makes his way to the window so he can see me wave to him. Enthusiastically and without any reserve or inhibitions he waves back to me till the bus drives out of site.
My son is pretty independent and likes to be in control and do as much as he can by himself. He also has very little patience for physical displays of affection. However, when it comes to leaving me for a couple of hours, suddenly he becomes affectionate.
Every day when I wave back to him, I get emotional, thinking that it won't be long till he will be embarrassed to wave to his mommy from a school bus window.

Parents, enjoy your kids while they're still yours! Develop a relationship with them while they still trust you and love you unconditionally. Then maybe, if you're lucky, your kids will have a little soft spot for you when they pass those cute years.

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