Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Back!

This blog has been sadly neglected for a whole year! How time does fly by! There's so much I wanted to share and post about here, but then life got in the way.
Keeping up two blogs turned out to be more of an effort than I bargained for.
Still, I have a soft spot for this blog and though I've been neglecting it for a whole year, I would like to try and revive it. Big emphasis on "TRY".
I wish I could tell you that I spent a year being fabulously creative, productive and accomplished, but unfortunately that wouldn't be accurate. Somewhere between trying to scrape up a living, getting kids ready for school, doing laundry, nursing colds and flu among other ailments, making dinners (stop laughing), doing homework with kids, browsing the Internet and nagging husband, I have failed to evolve into that amazing, infinitely creative and awe inspiring individual I have hoped to become.
Maybe this year will be better than the last...?

My gratitude to my one remaining reader for staying loyal.


SubWife said...

Hey, I am loyal too!

Sophie said...

How do you know I wasn't talking about you? :-)

SubWife said...

Were you?

Sophie said...

Perhaps :-)

SubWife said...

I knew it!

inkstainedhands said...

Weren't you talking about the person in the photo? ;]